Welcome to International School Peace Gardens (ISPG) blog. Granny Julia want's to share ideas her own grand-children, and all the children that I have taught on planet earth. These children were in South Australia, Darwin and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, many children in the USA, especially in Hawaii, California, Vermont, Florida. Hallo to all schools who have a peace garden. To find peace garden information go to www.ihtec.org

You may have called your gardens different names. You may have created your garden with Evergreen Foundation in Toronto, a memorial gardens, friendship garden, reconciliation garden, biodiversity garden, solar garden, a children's garden, musical garden, and all these gardens help the planet with solving climate change and energy especially if they support your local biodiversity.

You can join all these gardens with a 'path of peace'. Here is a TO DO list. In your school, have small teams of students allocated to work on your garden every day. Sit on your Friendship Benches and think of others things you can do to help the planet.
  • Draw a plan of your peace garden. Invite all your friends to draw their peace garden plan.
  • Plant trees, bushes and foods that are native to your area. Ask your local park what these are.
  • Plant foods for migrating species.
  • Clean out the weeds around the trees so that they can breathe.
  • Feed the birds.
  • Sit on the friendship bench to make friends and solve problems
  • Collect and plant original seeds.
  • Walk to school if you are close.
  • Make your school a Green School.
  • Re-cycle waste, pick up garbage using tongs or a stick.
  • Create your own blog and send me the link.

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