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IHTEC AGM Report and New Video by Colene Riffo

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Colene Riffo, Ceeds of Life interviewed Julia for about an hour in Los Angeles, CA, USA on September 18, 2010. It can be seen on
Please use this when you give a workshop for teachers.

IHTEC Annual General Meeting -  Report and Time Line July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

Meeting to be held at IHTEC HQ
and virtually on Talking Communities and Skype.

Date: Saturday December 11, 2010
Place: 3343 Masthead Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario. L5L 1G9
Time: 12 noon pot luck; AGM from 1pm - 2pm

IHTEC’s Report written by Julia Morton-Marr, President

Method of working

IHTEC is organized by attending meetings and conferences in person and virtually. Individual discussions occur by phone, email, yahoogroups and in the online Talking Communities conference rooms. IHTEC has as continuous meeting by email, with the Annual General Meeting held in December annually. IHTEC works in partnership with a number of partner organizations listed below, which include university faculties, academic groups, professional educational organizations, schools and Boards of Education. Requests arrive from IHTEC’s website from countries around the world.

Partnerships have continued to be an important part of the International Holistic Tourism Education Centre - IHTEC. As members of ECOSOC, IHTEC continues to promote the United Nations - Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and a Culture of Peace. In Ontario, IHTEC participates with other Charitable NGO’s namely

• Science for Peace/Canadian Pugwash, Global Issues Project Roundtables in Ontario

• Mexican Commercial and Industrial Centre of Canada who promote the ISPG program with their Mexico-Canada ‘Children’s Connection’ program both in Toronto and many South American countries.

• Canadian’s Concerned with Violence in Entertainment (C-CAVE) in Ontario;

• Future Aces Foundation in Ontario, who promote to schools and students in the Toronto District School Board;

• Education Alliance for Sustainable Ontario - EASO which feeds into UNESCO. This organization is chaired by David Bell, Emeritus, York University and includes many other Ontario’s educational NGO’s including the curriculum coordinator for the Ontario Ministry of Education.

• United Nations Association of Canada (UNAC) in Toronto and Ottawa in Ontario.

• Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT) promoted to student teachers annually.

• Phi Delta Kappa, University of Toronto.

• City of Niagara Falls team called “The Park in the City Committee” towards the War 1812 BiCentenial in 2012-2014.

Other Canadian NGO’s and Universities include Carleton in Ottawa, who promote IHTEC’s work are:
• International Peace Garden in Manitoba;

• Peace Arch Park in Blaine Washington/British Columbia;

• Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Internationally IHTEC continues to participate and support to:
• Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Hawaii School Peace Gardens;
• Council on Global Issues (CGI) in Canada and Germany;
• Noticias Positivas in Argentina;
• International Peace Bureau (IPB) in Switzerland - limited involvement.
• World Citizen’s in Mississauga and Switzerland.
• Ceeds Of Life "Fostering Sustainability Through Creative Multimedia" in California, USA
• Schools have continued to work with IHTEC from South Australia, and has had inquires from Norway, Indonesia and Kenya.

There have been only three donations to IHTEC this year. Donations to IHTEC are urgent. Please use Canada Helps website http://www.canadahelps.org under the acronym IHTEC as well as under its full incorporated name. This is particular useful as IHTEC survives on small donations.

Donations on the Canada Helps site can be done as a one time donation or on as a monthly ongoing basis, with a withdrawal from a credit card. The duration of multiple donations is set by donor. This method can encourage people to make small ongoing monthly donations and does not require the tedious task of setting up automatic withdrawals from the bank. Tax receipts are distributed immediately and money is transferred directly into IHTEC’s bank account. Please allow for Canada Helps 3%, when making a donation.

We hope to encourage all potential donors to consider making monthly donations, as it is a great way to provide the organization with a steady income. Donors can choose how they would like their money spent. Other donations have continued to arrive in the format of cashable cheques. IHTEC’s past financial statements are visible on the government’s charitable site:

IHTEC has continued to retain the accounting services of Ken Adolphe, during the current fiscal year. Ken has prepared IHTEC’s annual report to the Canadian Charities Branch.

Official Documents:
There have been no changes to the By-Laws or Charitable Activities during the current year of activity ending 30 June, 2010.

New Materials
There are four new developments:
1. The International School Peace Gardens blog has been re-organized to hold new writing and information on http://ispg.blogspot.com This includes outcomes of Maya Soetoro-Ng’s Climate Change Curriculum brainstorming.
2. IHTEC Climate Change Module.
3. IHTEC Desert Module, for Climate Change.
 Future Development
4. Lighthouse Schools including achievements with assessments for students and teachers.

Time Line of IHTEC’s Activities :

IHTEC History and Time-Line of Events - July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

5. 2009: July 2; First ‘PDK Hawaii School Peace Gardens’ meeting online with Aaron Levine, Jeannie Lum, John Southworth, John Thatcher, Kenyon Tam, Natalie Cross, and Julia Morton-Marr. See www.nicenet.org for historical data on meetings and progress. This committee was first established on April 7, 2009.

6. 2009: August 20; Attended the Hawaii Peace Day at the Hawaii State Capital online using Talking Communities with HSPG teachers and students. Topic: Peace & Sustainability Education.

7. 2009: October 18; A biography of Julia’s IHTEC contribution is included in “Erindale: Early Times to Evolution” History of Mississauga’s villages, written by Kathleen Hicks.
8. 2009: November 3; C-CAVE PIANO RECITAL Tuesday, 7 p.m. Rosedale United Church, 159 Roxborough Drive East. Rose Dyson promotes IHTEC’s education and the International School Peace Gardens at United Nations, and other educational meetings including their AGM.

9. 2009: November 12; Andrea Mendez-Brandam, Noticias Positivas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Ameica, had an edition of Noticias Positivas released as an eight page insert in the Clarin News in Buenos Aires, Argentina. IHTEC had an article and photo written by Julia Morton-Marr and translated into Spanish by Andrea, on peace & sustainability education . Circulation was 300,000 newspapers with a readership of 2 million. Articles were also included by our friends Eric Schneider & Heiner Benking in Germany and Shauna in England.

10. 2009: November 15; Future Aces Leadership Conference, held at the Talisman Mountain Resort, Kinberley, Ontario. Edona Caku, University of Toronto & Julie Vanderwerf, Brock University spoke to several groups of students about the International School Peace Gardens program.

11. 2009: November 18; First Anniversary of IHTEC’s membership with the International Peace Bureau, in Geneva Switzerland.

12. 2009: November 21; Science for Peace/ Canadian Pugwash and IHTEC involved with the Global Issues Project, Food and Population Roundtable held at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Julia presented a white paper called “Food and Population - Global Sustainability Education Concepts.”

13. 2009: December 1; Julia Morton-Marr wrote a test paper as a virtual participant for a PDK e-certificate. PDK Toronto had the three technology video conferences online. Their first e-certificate was presented by Susan Seidman and Beverly Freedman to Julia on January 24, 2010. The PDK Toronto official newsletter March 2010 contains comments by Susan Seidman with photo on page 3. There website: http://www.pdk-ut-ca and the newsletter is on http://www.pdk-ut.ca/pdf/2010MarchPDKNewsletter.pdf

14. 2009: December 2; Carleton University student Renee Chan, interviewed Julia for her “The role of women in Environmental Education” with regards to the work and role of IHTEC and the ISPG program that Julia has developed. The results of this are to go into the Carleton University Library on a DVD.

15. 2009: December 3; The International Peace Garden, Manitoba and North Dakota, with Doug Hevenor, joins IHTEC. They were referred by Deborah Whitehouse of Niagara Parks Commission. The have 100 schools visit annually.

16. 2009: December 11; Inger-Mette, Norway introduces Tore Faller, Children’s Peace Garden, City of Oslo in Norway to IHTEC. They plan to connect their team to the Nobel Peace Prize committee. They are working on school or children’s peace gardens in Norway.

17. 2009: December 12, IHTEC AGM held at 3343 Masthead Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario Canada at 12 noon.

18. 2009: December 7-18; Heiner Benking attended the Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen (COP15) Denmark at the Belle Center. Outcome documents “The Copenhagen Accord” can be downloaded by clicking here . It is also possible to find more information, including all documents from COP15, from the UNFCCC website Heiner, Richard Schwartz, Helmut Burkhardt and Julia updated the “IHTEC Food and Population Final White Paper” which was handed out to participants. http://c-g-i.info/


19. 2010: January 19; Julia Morton-Marr and Melinda Rooke, UNACTO wrote the first draft of the Proclamation for Ontario Day of Peace, on Peace and Sustainability Education.

20. 2010: February 13; Finished Editing the Proclamation for the Ontario Day of Peace.

21. 2010: February 13; Wrote first draft of ‘Forests & Biodiversity Dedication’ which was finalized on March 21 for the International Year of Biodiversity.

22. 2010: March 5; Meeting with Minister Harinder Takhar, Minister of Government Services, MPP Mississauga-Erindale for suggestions as how to present the “Ontario Day of Peace” Proclamation at Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario.

23. 2010: March 22; 12 noon, Melinda Rooke, Georgina Bencsik (UNAC) & Julia Morton-Marr were presented to the Ontario Legislature by the Speaker of the House, Steve Peters. UNAC-Toronto coordinated the event and dinner. Julia Morton-Marr read the Proclamation towards “Ontario Day of Peace”. Speakers and attendees included members of IHTEC, Education Alliance for Sustainable Ontario (EASO); Mexican Commercial and Industrial Centre of Canada (MCCC); Canadians Concerned Against Violence in Entertainment (C-CAVE); Future Aces; Education for Sustainable Development (ESD); Council on Global Issues (CGI); Science for Peace (SfP), Canadian Pugwash (CP), Leadership for a Environment and Development (LEAD) Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) and Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Toronto representing PDK International and PDK/Hawaii School Peace Gardens. An afternoon tea was hosted by Speaker Steve Peters. At 4.30pm - 6.30pm an event followed that included various speakers and displays as many people shared their achievements for peace and sustainability. The event was well attended and included several Provincial Parliamentarians, and Consuls-General. Minister Harinder Takhar presented IHTEC Awards to for long service with IHTEC members, who were at the event. Other Awards will be posted to recipients. Various Ontario schools involved with Peace & Sustainable programs

a. Rawlinson Elementary School, TDSB, Toronto - showcasing their intercultural program ‘Peace Tree Day’ http://www.peacetreeday.com/ with IHTEC Board member Manuela Godinho.
b. St. Cyril Catholic Elementary School, Toronto Catholic School Board - peace garden committee with Laure Abou-Jaoudé IHTEC Middle-East, with student made beaded necklaces, and beautiful display boards, as a fund raiser for their ISPG at the school.
c. Runnymede Public School, Toronto with IHTEC rep Biljana Banchotova & Teresa Prieto, who showcased their art work as part of the Mexico-Canada Children’s Connection, an exchange of Christmas cards between South American schools. This is hosted by Teresa Prieto-Rankin of the Mexican Commercial and Industrial Centre of Canada who promote the ISPG program in Canada, Mexico and several other South American countries.
d. Richland Elementary School, with Kathryn McCormick, IHTEC Board member Dianne Leggatt.
e. Standford Secondary School, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Brian who represented the Park in the City Committee attended by the Niagara Parks Commission and the Niagara Parks School of Horticultural.
f. Professors and students from University of Toronto, UTMississauga, OISE/UT, and York University;

24. 2010: March 3; Dianne Leggatt continues to attend monthly EASO meetings, participating and promoting IHTEC’s programs and reports. .

25. 2010: April 10; The ISPG blog was updated from Granny Julia’s Blog to the IHTEC International School Peace Gardens blog. It now contains all new writings, and major events attended. This is an ongoing project.

26. 2010: April 16; Melinda Rooke and Lia Rooke with Julia Morton-Marr meet with David Zimmer, MPP Willowdale who agreed to host a Private Members Bill with UNAC Toronto and IHTEC towards “Ontario Day of Peace for Peace & Sustainability Education”.

27. 2010: April 22; Earth Day - IHTEC attended the UNACTO hosted ‘Ripple Effect’ event held at Queens Park, where UNAC youth launched project and their water document. http://www.unac-rippleeffect.org/home.php

28. 2010: April 25; Spoke to World Citizen meeting at the Great Wok of China located at Central Parkway Mall at 377 Burnhamthorpe Road East, Mississauga Topic: Peace & Sustainability Education.

29. 2010: April 23; Attended ‘War 1812 Celebration’ event at the Lincoln Alexander Centre in the Crowne Plaza, Hamilton, Ontario.

30. 2010: May 8; Maya Soetoro-Ng, East-West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii, requests IHTEC’s suggestions on Peace & Sustainability Education for her Climate Change Curriculum Brainstorming. Julia wrote two documents. One was an list of headings that would be needed with such a curriculum. The second was a Climate Change and Consumerism module for schools. Both of these were based on IHTEC’s work.

31. 2010: June 15; Developed the IHTEC Desert Program - first draft.

32. Annually: Colene Riffo, Ceeds of Life, California, USA supports the ISPG program using digital technology.

33. Annually: Dorothy Goldin Rosenburg, OISE/UT distributes IHTEC’s CD Roms and brochures to student teachers and others who take her courses.

34. Annually: Christina Alexander, of the Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition includes the ISPG logo to promote IHTEC, in their brochure on page 1. http://www.peacearchpark.org/ise_09_brochure_tour.pdf

35. Annually: Julia Morton-Marr attends and reports to the World Citizen’s discussion group held in Mississauga, Ontario. This occurs on the last Sunday of each month.

36. Annually as a member of the Global Issues Committee, Julia participates and reports virtually, to meetings with Science for Peace / Canadian Pugwash, Global Issues Project in preparation for the various systemic scientific roundtables. All the roundtables information are on the SfP website http://www.scienceforpeace.ca/global-issues-project

In 2009 - 2010 the following roundtables were held:
a. Nov. 20 - 21, 2009 - Roundtable on Food & Population.
b. June 18, 2010 - Roundtable on Global Governance and a World Without War. Held at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo;
c. May 7, 2010 - Slower by Design, Not Disaster - A Roundtable on Managing Without Growth Roundtable. The website with video linked throughout is available. http://www.nogrowthroundtable.ca/Site_2/Home.html

Contact Julia Morton-Marr
Tel: 1(905) 820-5067   Email: ihtec@3web.com Website: www.ihtec.org

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